Ray’s the Steaks


It may not look like much, but man oh man – THIS is good steak!

Ray’s the Steaks

The setting:
Ray’s the Steaks in Arlington is unassuming from the outside. It’s easily missed in a strip mall most notable for it’s liquor store. The inside isn’t much better: white walls and bare tables with the only ambiance found in a back corner surrounded by the shelves that function as the restaurant wine cellar. It reminds me of a German beer hall with people packed by the front door and metal swinging bench waiting for hours to be seated.

The service:
I’ve been to Ray’s several times now and the service is consistently friendly and attentive. They seem to want you to enjoy your food and know that the wait has been a pain in the patooty. To lessen the wait, you can stop by starting at 4:00 before they open to put your name on a list. On a Saturday we stopped by at 5:15 and the first available seating was 9:30 p.m. So eat some celery sticks back home and wait to get some great steak.

The food:
I like the little touches at Ray’s the Steaks. They bring spiced cashews when you’re seated and 2-bite-sized pieces of focaccia with drinks.

To start, I would ALWAYS recommend the crab bisque. Our friend Luke declared it the Best Soup Ever (a superlative Brian has issued before, but he thinks most things are The Best Ever, so you always need a second opinion to his).


The steaks are also out of this world. I tend to get the petite filet with a brandy mushroom sauce on the side. The menu announces that many of the steaks are only available rare to medium because the chef doesn’t believe in ruining the texture of really fine meat. This is one of those times when even Picky Ashley agrees – you really should just let them do their thing.

I’m always slightly disappointed in the sides that come with the steak. Creamed spinach and mashed potatoes come family style in little cast iron skillets, but they lack something, for lack of a better description, southern in their preparation. I need butter or cream in my potatoes, and more salt and cream in my spinach.

The desserts are also fantastic: tart and tangy key lime pie and white chocolate mousse with strawberries. And another perfect touch to the end of the meal? I tiny cup of hot cocoa. I love it.

Best for: Carnivores who love and crave excellent meat.

Worst for: Those for whom the setting matters.


3 Responses to “Ray’s the Steaks”

  1. Katie Says:

    Most delicious meat ever! Soup, too. Yum! Luke has already told about 50 of his closest friends that when they come to visit, that’s where we are taking them.

    Thanks for inviting us!

  2. Andre Blackman Says:

    I heard the key lime pie here (my favorite dessert) is off the chain here….I gotta check them out!

  3. Ray’s Hell Burgers « Kiss My Grits! Says:

    […] great food.  Even knowing the small strip mall in Arlington where Ray’s Hell Burgers (and Ray’s the Steaks) is located, it still took some sleuthing to find it.  From Ray’s the Steaks, walk down the […]

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